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Gaara | Kazekage Chibi!

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This is random, I know.

A friend mentioned you in her post (blumchen), so I went to check you out and have one thing to say. Your user information has got to be one of the most original things I've seen on Livejournal. Props to you :)

Re: This is random, I know.

Heh, thanks. Glad you like it. It wasn't easy coming up with something that would stand out. ^^

Re: This is random, I know.

Well, it was quite original and makes you stand out from the usual things people put in their profiles. Makes me want to try to re-unique mine.. but alas, procrastination is my main trait.

Do you mine if I add you? We have quite a few shared interests and friends? :)

Re: This is random, I know.

Heh, I know all about procrastination. ;)

Sure! I added you.

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