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Gaara | Kazekage Chibi!

Hello, I've added since we share our love for Hidan/Deidara/Tobi XD
Hope that's okay ^_~

Sure! I've added you back. :D

Hi! Could you add me? Your info page was very funny! Poor naruto. LOL!

Sure thing! You're added. :D

(Deleted comment)
Sure, it's fine! (Sorry for taking so long!)

I always enjoy making new friends. And your graphics are awesome. (I really liked that Naruto colouring book idea.) What other way to meet people than for them to be a fan of your work? :P

hi i added you ^^ btw ill grab your akatsuki moodtheme can i? tnx ^^

Hello! I would love to add you on my friends list. Your vectors for the naruto coloring books are amazing, thanks so much for sharing! I love your website, so I would like to see your livejournal as well! thanks!

Adding you :D You seem like an awesome person, and your ingenuity with icons and great ideas are really great :D

(Deleted comment)

you rock!!!

Couldn't find anywhere to comment on your website so I wrote here. What you are doing is awesome. Been looking for wall papers like these forever. Tired of these generic wallpapers from official websites, and fanmade ones that suck. Yours are the coolest wallpapers, period. Keep doing what you are doing man, and I will always be a fan from now on. P.S. Rock lee would be cool

can i preeeeeetty please be added ?
love your mood themes and wallies !

Could you add me? ♥ Thanks in advance!

Hi there. Is it okay if you add me to your friends list? Pretty please?


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