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Gaara | Kazekage Chibi!

Can you ad me? in one of my locked entries it tells you who I am! *ads you*

Hey! I added you back. ^_^

hi. ^^ i've seen you around and you seem really nice. :D i laughed when reading your info page, cast, plot, etc. ^^; - easily amused - >_>;;

i like making new friends too! XD

Thanks! Hehe, writing the cast bit was fun. Something a little different than the norm, eh?

I shall add you then, if that's okay. ^_^

I added you! <3

Please add me back?

Well, you sound like a fun person, so I added you. lol. Yeah, that kinda sucked, but it's true! I also love your icons (the ones I've seen anyways), which are awesome. And I figured, hey that awesomeness has to stem from somewhere. lol. ^_^

Hehe, thanks! I'll add you back. ^^

Oh dear. It seems to escape me that I forgot to add you to my list.

My baaddd~

(I don't like to know a person just for their icons. I like to get to know the iconist more. Hehe, habit of mine)


Well, I shall add you then! :)

I'll spare you the corny *adds* MWHAHAHAHAHA

Hello! I added you, I hope that's ok. I saw that we share some interests, and we live in the same town (Probably close to each other if you live by ASU. :x), and you like Inu Yasha. XD;

And uhm, that's all. (^-^*)

Coolness, I shall add you back. ^_^

Alo! Well, I've got nothing original to say (--;), but I do think you seem like a cool fun person, can you add me back please? :)

Hi there! ^^

I added u, can u add me back? THANX!

Love the layout btw, Kouga rocks!! x3

You're totally added! Kouga does rock. ;)

Hey! Added you! friend meh?


hi.. I'm on your toukijin friends list and, whilst poking around here tonight, I've found you to be extremely smart, funny, and talented, and I hope you don't mind if I add you!

*adds* ^___^

Aww... Thank you! You're added. ^^

hi! ^_^ i have you added at toukijin and i looked at your personal journal and.. yeah. please add me? :D? *adds*

hi there! I'd love it if you added me! I've seen you at chibuni's journal and you seem really nice.



Saw you at the Inuyasha ratings community then dropped by here. Added you, feel free to add me back if you like ^_^

Add me? I have a question for you as well.

Oh man, I haven't checked LJ in ages! Well, you're added. ^^

it's amai_kimochi. XD; new journal. add me back?

Hi there, i followed your site from the Naruto Icons community :) It was awesome to see someone else who can't stop quoting True Naruto Style XDDDD (Your LJ title makes me laugh insanely ^_^, i love it! )

Mind if i add you? :D

Add away! I shall add you back. ^^

Heya! My name is Faith, I'm into Inuyasha as well and Icon making. Add me?


This is random, I know.

A friend mentioned you in her post (blumchen), so I went to check you out and have one thing to say. Your user information has got to be one of the most original things I've seen on Livejournal. Props to you :)

Re: This is random, I know.

Heh, thanks. Glad you like it. It wasn't easy coming up with something that would stand out. ^^

Hey there. I read you're info, and I thought it was very unique. XD I should get off my lazy butt and do something cool with mine. >_> Mind if I add you?

Not at all! I'll add you back. ^^

*referred here by hanjae*

Aa.. don't worry about friends-adding me or anything. XD I mainly came to say, "Omg your Photoshop Error - You suck. Uninstall me - icon rocks serious socks." >XD~<3 I absolutely adore it.

'Lo! I'm 'werepez' from Wirehog. :3 Mind if I add ye?

Not at all! I've added you back. ^^

Um, hello ^^;; I have kind of a weird thing to ask you.. on the comm toukijin you wrote a glow tutorial for icons. I absolutely adore that tutorial and I love using your effect, but recently the journal was deleted and I was stupid enough not to save it. I was wondering if you could send it to me or something? Your way was the best glow effect in the entire universe :x

Heh, funny you should mention that, because I had completely about that tutorial until earlier this evening. You can find it here now:



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